Ultimate Outback Panama Hat by Panador Hats


We are finally here with a solution to your solar woes: the Ultimate Outback Panama hat by Panador Hats. This Hat includes three ground-breaking technologies to fight off UV rays: Solarweave® lining under the brim, offering the wearer SPF50+ protection from the sun Teflon® lacquer coating to ensure both weather resistance and longevity of form Sweat-proof CoolMax® inner hat band, which wicks away moisture from the inside out.This hat was hand-woven in Cuenca, Ecuador and finished in USA.You've seen the fedora Panama hat style on historical figures like Napoleon, Churchill, and popular figures like Bogart. It's been a fashion staple throughout recent history. Today, the fedora is the most popular Panama hat style. It's still the perfect straw hat for the beach, sporting events, your favorite lounge, and all types of classy occasions.What is known throughout the world today as the Panama hat has always simply been called the sombrero de paja toquilla — hat woven from the straw of the toquilla palm. Ironically, Panama hats have always been made in Ecuador. The misnomer stuck after these straw hats were worn by workers building the Panama Canal for protection against the heat and sun.The Panama hat found its beginnings in a little city called Cuenca, Ecuador. A culture of handicraft and artistry in Cuenca preserves and passes the art of hat weaving from one generation to the next. Authentic Panama hats are individually hand-woven in Ecuador of toquilla straw. Each hat is a unique achievement of the artist who wove it.